The worlds first monkey clones, created in a Chinese laboratory, were born a few weeks ago except apparently they did it before but nobody remembers because they used a less sophisticated method of cloning it was just shit and nobody cared. They made two clones; Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua who are genetically identical, and will therefore be ‘useful for research into human diseases.’ So basically their monkey lives will be full of prodding and poking, but at least they’re useful!! There are obviously loads of ethical issues presented by the birth of the two monkeys, most of which are pretty obvious but the fact that they’re the result of 79 previous attempts, is particularly unsettling, one of which produced the birth of two other monkeys, who didn’t survive. It MUST be noted, however, that the scientists involved followed ‘strict ethical standards‘ so that’s very very good. very good. It was also made clear that this advancement in cloning was ‘not a stepping stone‘ i.e. they’re not moving onto bigger things like making a clone of me who’s clever and good at socialising. So although the procedure will likely lead to advancement in understanding, and the monkeys will indeed be ‘useful,’ it is a bit weird, and there are obvious issues surrounding cloning as a whole. To conclude, everyone is scared but we don’t entirely know why.