On the 14th of February, the world saw the death of 17 students and teachers of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school, Florida. News of the most recent school shooting unfolded as it was happening via twitter. 14 year old Aiden Minoff, live tweeted the shooting to provide the world with “useful information”  as there was “no major news source at the time.” The shooter, Nikolas Cruz, who was arrested shortly after the incident, is said to have been an unsettled person, who often got into trouble at school and home.

In trump’s speech regarding the shooting, he talks about the importance of friends and family at such a difficult time, and claims that “making schools and our children safer will be our top priority,” It was actually quite a moving speech and would almost seem sincere if Trump wasn’t pro-guns.

A common procedure seems to happen after every mass shooting in America. The photo circulates of the disturbed culprit of it all, we hear about the figures like how many people died, where this placed in histories worst massacres, etc, close ups of parents tearful faces emerge on twitter, then to finish, the President sends his love, and we wait for the next one. it’s too sad.