Morgan built up this interview as if he was gonna give Trump a proper grilling and sort him out, but after watching it, I feel like he just wanted to hold his hand and give him a present. Theres a lot more grilling and challenging things that could have been said if Piers Morgan wasn’t so set on getting a kiss after the cameras turned off, but whatever, it looks like they both had a nice time.

The interview started off by the two reminiscing about where their ‘special relationship’ started, when Piers became Trump’s champion on the apprentice. I find it super weird that Trump was doing that kind of stuff before becoming president, like doing TV shows and pageants before becoming the most powerful man in the world. haha look at this picture how fucked is that?

Anyway after Piers reminded Trump of when he said something nice to him one time, the interview kind of started. Morgan asked trump about a lot of stuff, but it quickly moved on to Trumps twitter account, the one which often uses capital letters to portray anger, that is both funny and scary at the same time. Anyway, obviously a big controversy caused by trumps twitter account was when he retweeted offensive and racist tweets from Jayda Fransen’s account (deputy leader of Britain first) so Piers confronts trump about this, and when I say confronts, I mean kindly brings up the issue to allow Trump to justify why he did it;

Piers: This caused huge anxiety and anger in my country, because Britain First is basically bunch of racists, fascists…

Trump: Of course, I didn’t know that.

Piers: Well, that’s what I wanted to clarify with you. What did you know about them when you did those tweets?

He then puts an apology in the floppy mouth of Trump who graciously chews it and spits it out again. All of the topics covered have this nature, like: ‘you did this bad thing, did you mean it? I don’t think you did!’ all in all it was a weird interview to watch, I felt like I was interrupting a date, but at least Donald Trump got a nice Arsenal top out of it, and Piers Morgan got a lovely new twitter profile picture.