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David Attenborough asks us to ‘think of the consequences’

Before even listening to what David Attenborough had to say in his speech at the NTAs this year, I already felt like a despicable piece of shit and I was ashamed of myself.

Upon collecting the ‘impact award’ at the NTAs, the team behind Blue Planet took to the stage to give audiences around the world a very important message.

we were all trying to raise an issue that is of great importance to not only this country, but worldwide – what we’re doing to our planet. If our television programmes have helped stir the consciences of people around the world – and that we are going to do something to protect this beautiful world – then all of us will be very pleased.” in other words, you are all dreadful. fuck you

no no I immediately take that back, I don’t think David Attenborough (otherwise known as Jesus christ) has ever said a mean word in his life. But his short and poignant speech was all that was needed to summarise why blue planet won the impact award, because we are all bastards and are wrecking the world, but it also may have won because its excellent material to fall asleep to. either or.


Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua


Donald Trump ❤️ Piers Morgan

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