ok well I was initially drawn to this book by it’s pages, and moreover, the letters on said pages, this is always an excellent start to finding a book to read, in my opinion. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the letters did infact formulate words and sentences which together made a pretty good frickin book actually. Its kind of short but if you’re thick like me, short books excite you because you finish it sooner and then you can stop reading and maybe do something else.

It’s set in the late 40’s and its got the whole American dream kind of thing going on. I think I liked it because if I’m reading non-fiction, it has to be kind of real, no magic or anything (the salesman isn’t magic from what I gathered) its a bit sad because of the death and stuff so if you don’t wanna hear about that, maybe theres one called life of a salesman, which could easily be equally as depressing, anyway its good.