Before the 6th of March 1918, democracy was restricted to wealthy men, and therefore a further act to reform the electoral system was deemed necessary. Millions of returning soldiers, who have a government forcing them to go to war, were not entitled to the vote, and therefore were unable to choose said government. Not only did the pre 1918 electoral system disregard the views of lower class men, it disregarded all women. The 1918 Representation of the People Act, widened suffrage by abolishing almost all property qualifications for men, and allowing women over 30 who met minimum property qualifications to vote. So even though women got the chance to vote they still didn’t quite get equal treatment, they still had property qualifications and the minimum age for female voting was 30 as opposed to 21 for men. Despite this, women still accounted for about 43% of the electorate due to the mass loss of men in the war. This was a massive step towards equality which is why on the centennial anniversary of the reform act, women are celebrated. But not men. At all. even though a generation of working-class men, also had their first chance to choose their own representatives. wait a sec what?

So on the morning of feb 6th 2018 I was watching the news ready to welcome Naga Munchetti and Charlie Stayt to my morning and Charlie wasn’t fuckin’ there. BBC Breakfast had an ‘all female line up’ to celebrate women’s suffrage, which I’m not denying is a great thing, I just feel that men are being ignored on this day which also marked an advancement in male voting rights, and to tell the boys that they weren’t allowed to come to work because today is all about the gals seems a weird move. The 1928 equal franchise act should be more celebrated, in my opinion. That was is a day of equality where males and females were finally given equal voting rights. big love to Pankhurst though, thanks pal xxx